Mt Vinson

Mt Vinson

Mt Vinson is the highest mountain in Antarctica. This was a 2 week long expedition. This was a fairly easy mountain but for this mountain you had to be patient. The mountain is only 4,892 meters high which is about the same height of Mount Blanc but this mountain gets worse weather due to the climate. The mountain was about 750 miles from the pole and 100 miles from the Ronne ice shelf. The problem with Antarctica is the weather. We were stuck in a tent for seven days due to bad weather. The lowest temperatures you can get is about -50 degrees celsius but we only had to deal with -30.
The expedition members were Robin Beadle (guide), Peter Ellis and Geordie Stewart. We were a well-organized team who worked well. We were faster than anyone on the mountain. Getting to Antarctica was both amazing and difficult. First we had to fly to a place called Puntas Areanas via Madrid and Santiago. After that we had to get organized. The problem with this is that you never know when the plane to take you to Antarctica will leave because that's all weather dependant. We just about managed to get ready when we were told we could get on the plane.

This is an Ilyushin IL76 which was the plane we took to Antarctica. This was a long 4 hour journey in the freezing cold because the plane wasn't heated.

After that you got to ALE (Antarctica logistics and Expeditions) base at Union glacier. After that you fly to the mountain is ski planes. Throughout the expedition we only did 5 or 6 days walking. Most of the expedition was waiting in a tent for the weather to clear so we could continue. We summited on the 27th and the day after that we got back down to base camp and by the 29th we were back in Puntas Areanas.

The food on this expedition was better than most because we actually got fresh food. Usually you have to eat a lot of freeze dried meals at the camps above base camp but the beauty of Antarctica is we could keep the food cold because of the temperature.

This is one of the best expeditions I've been on. The scenery in Antarctica is very rare if not totally unique. You can see for miles and miles in some directions and all you can see is this white plane that never seems to end. The best thing about this mountain was going to a land which very few people have the privilege to visit. Antarctica is defiantly the most beautiful continent on Earth because the scenery and because there is hardly anyone there.