Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus was one of my favourite expeditions. It was both challenging at the time and fun. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe and is 5,600 meters tall. I was thirteen when I did this mountain. We had a lot of people on our expedition and I think that was 14 in total. This was a fairly simple mountain to get to. There was a town in the mountain range which we drove to before doing some acclimatization walks.

At the beginning we didn't actually walk up the straight up the mountain. We moved up the mountain in stages. We would do some aclimatization walks at the town below then we would move up in a cable car to the next camp, a big cabin then do some more aclimatization walks. We would move up again using a cable car but after that we had to carry some stuff up by ourselves to the next camp which was made up of tin huts which were all in the shape of a can. From then on we moved up on foot. We didn't carry all our stuff and we got snow tractors to move what we couldn't carry. We didn't actually stay in a tent the entire way. Some people did climb like this but we didn't.

The food on this mountain has got to be some of the best food I've actually had on a mountain. Our team had it's own cook which was really good for moral because this meant we were eating well. We would get things like mashed potato and sausages and what I would describe as being home cooked food. We also had an abundance of tea and coffee. Acommodation on the mountain was also really good. I usually like to sleep in tents if I'm going up a mountain and I've always done so but this mountain was the expedition. At the first place we stayed we had hot and cold running water. Then we moved to a camp where we stayed in the tin cans and above that we stayed in a huge mountain hut. This was just one big room with shelves which we placed our sleeping mats and bags on. This was kind of confortable but we did get less space than we would have in a tent but the advantage of this was the temperature was hotter.

This has got to one of my favourite mountains. The mountain was a good challenge and the first of the seven summits I climbed while walking with crampons. The scenery in this mountain range was also spectacular. The mountains were a perfect mix of black and white weaving in and out making this splendid landscape. I consider this mountain range to be one of the best I've ever seen. The mountains look totally wild and the fact is most of them are because not many people climb them. As well as gently rolling snowy slopes you also get the most amazing rock and ice faces. The people on the expedition were also one thing I really enjoyed. We had some really crazy characters which made the expedition more fun. Most of us got to the summit as well which helped general moral and made a nice atmosphere.

When we got down the mountain everyone celebrated like mad. About 6 of the group got drunk. This was hilarious to watch. After we got down we went to Moscow to see the sights. We saw red square and a lot of the famous sights there. This made a good ending to the trip because Moscow is a really amazing place.