Kilimanjaro was the first of the seven summits. I found this quite hard because of my age but looking back on it I now know it was relatively easy compared to the others. This was a good expedition. This was the first time I had ever really seen somewhere like Africa. It was truly amazing and real eye opener to what was going on in the world. I had never really imagined what life was like in Africa and had no idea.

We had a very wide mix of people on this trip. This mountain doesn't really attract proper mountaineers and most people who climb it are just climbing it to try and conquer one of the seven summits. This said I'm sure some of them were proper mountaineers or were planning on becoming proper mountaineers. The guides we had were also really good. We had local guides to help us. Our main guide was called Samuel and I also had my own private guide called Leonard because I was only 11. We also had a number of porters, cooks and other people helping us.

The food on this mountain was really good. Every day before eating we would have popcorn. We were also given fresh fruit and other luxuries you wouldn't really expect. This was a real morale booster and good food is always good because that means you eat more which is always an advantage at high altitude.

Kilimanjaro was the first time I had to deal with high altitude. Every mountain I had climbed before that had been very small which meant that the Atmosphere wasn't a problem but this was different. Before we got onto the mountain we were given this talk about the lack of oxygen in the air and told how this could affect our bodies. I never knew that the lack of air would give me a headache or make me feel nauseous. We were all told that it was likely that we would all throw up at one point. This made me a little anxious. I nearly managed not to but I did near the summit.

One thing I really like about this expedition was the wild life you got to see. On the way up we saw some blue monkeys and I was also able to catch a Chameleon. I was really worried that I would run into a black mamba but this fortunately never happened. After the expedition was over I got to go on Safari with my family which was cool because we got to see loads of exotic animals.