Carstenz Pyramid

Carstenz Pyramid

This expedition was a strange one because of the logistics of actually getting to the mountain. Carstenz Pyramid is in Australasia. The mountain is on the west side New Guinea so it's in Indonesia. The problem with getting to this mountain is that you have to find some way to get through or past the miles of Jungle. However this is not the hard part, the hard part of getting through the Jungle is because of all the tribes and rebel groups that live in the Jungle. They do allow you to pass but you have to bribe them to let you through. One other route is to take a Helicopter to base camp but this is a problem because you don't have time to acclimatize and it's not always available and the other is to drive through Freeport mine which is the largest gold mine in the world. We chose this option because this was the only one available. This was also the last mountain I would attempt with my father.

Before we attempted the mountain we had to do some acclimatization walks on another Island of Indonesia. This meant we had to trek through some jungle. This wouldn't have been the same as walking to the Carstenz Pyramid directly because that would have taken seven days but this was still amazing because you could hardly see two meters in front of you sometimes and whenever you got a higher vantage point you could stretches of jungle for miles and miles.

After we climbed to the top of a mountain in Indonesia which was only 3,000 meters tall we took a flight to New Guinea. When we got to the town at the base of the mine we were driven to a hotel or what I thought at the time was a hotel. I've recently found out that it was a Brothel. When I was there it looked like some sort of drug den but no it was a Brothel. After this we drove for four hours through the mine. I was really sick at this point because I had somehow got a virus which everyone had passed round. We switched cars along the way to avoid detection. There was one point when our car hit another car and at that point we thought that the expedition was over because they were going to  arrest us or worse. That was one of the tenses moments of my life.

After we got to the top of the mine we got the stuff that we had cached up there and moved on trough a valley. We were supposed to get to base camp because we couldn't stay there because that was the mines territory but we couldn't make it because I was constantly throughing up. It was awful. We decided to camp first then make our way in the morning. We climbed the mountain a couple of days afterwards, four days before my 14th birthday. The day after summit day we were told that we couldn't go back through the mine because the people who were supposed to take us back had been arrested so we were stuck. Eventually some mine officials came along and told us we could go back down if we gave statements. This ended up with us being detained for 48hours but we did at least get down again.

One of the good things about this expedition was that we were all able to make it to the top of the mountain with no exception but I can't say I enjoyed this expedition as much as others because I was ill and we didn't do the mountain in the way that I hoped. I wanted to walk through the jungle for longer because that was one of the amazing things about this expedition but this wasn't possible. I can't complain though because it was a truly amazing place and we had a really good success rate.