Thursday, May 26, 2011

26th May The Boy Done Good

George is back down at 7800 tonight. that is still very high. we haven't heard from him directly but trust that all is well. tomorrow everyone at Camp 2 will descend to Advanced Basecamp. they will all be trying to get some sleep after a very tiring couple of days. they must be exhausted.

the aim is to get back to Katmandhu by the 30th May so he should be home soon.

congratulations have been pouring in from all over the globe. George is the Youngest Brit to have scaled Everest. he has also achieved his goal to become the youngest person in the world to have climbed the Seven Summits

kilimanjaro. aged 11
Elbrus. Aged 13
carstenz Pyramid. Aged 13
Aconcagua. Aged 14
Denali. Aged 16
Vinson. Aged 16
Everest. Aged 16 years 362 days

26th May 3.30am uk time. SUMMIT SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

George has done it. He reached the summit at about 8.15 Nepali time. It sounds as if the weather is good with great views over Cho Oyu. Congratulations to all the team members who have made it so far and we hope the last few get there soon.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped George to achieve his dream including all the team at Adventure Peaks, leaders of earlier expeditions such as Ben Bradford, Robin Beadle and Tim Bird, Sasha from Elbrus and Cesar from Aconcagua, leonard Lymio for Kilimanjaro and of course Zac, Chris and Sonam for this time round. Just get my boy down safe now!

mark and I are elated and emotional.

Penny (George's mum)