Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24th May

george is now at camp 2, 7800m. This is higher than he has ever got to before and only 1000 from the top. in normal circumstances, George would find 1000m a bit of a walk in the park but this is a whole new ball game. He went onto oxygen at 7500 and will maintain that now till he comes back down to about 7500m. He will need to try and maintain his pace over the next few days to ensure he does not run out. a shortage of oxygen would mean having to abandon his summit bid.

They will head for Camp 3 at 7.30 tomorrow morning, that will be about 2am in the uk. They will arrive at this 8200m resting point at about 4ish and then leave at about 10.30pm.

We think he is going strongly and still determined. The forecast looks good for 26th with winds at the summit between 10mph and 30mph.

24th May

news from Adventure Peaks says that the team has reached the North Col (7020m) and today will head up to Camp 2 (7800m). So they will be underway right now. On Wednesday they will head up to camp 2 Camp 3 (8250m). After a rest of a couple of hours the team will make a staggered departure for the summit between 21:00 and 22:30 (16:15 and 17:45 on 25th May UK time). George will be the last to leave camp 3.They should all be on the top by 8am uk time on the 26th. A quick descent should see everyone at Camp 2 or lower before nightfall and everyone back to ABC by the evening of the 27th.

there have been bitterly cold winds at the top but many teams have already summited and the top is indeed clearing of other climbers leaving the field clear for the AP team. The advantage of this is that there should be no hold-ups on the way up, waiting for other teams on the ladder at Step 2.