Sunday, May 15, 2011

15th May

Sorry for the long gap between posts. I made it up to 7,500m on 5th May. Zac's blog has a good description. We then went back down to ABC and then BC. Since then the weather up high has been bad. Some of our tents were blown down by the high winds.

I have been stuck in BC since then getting a bit bored. I am still in good spirits but starting to get worried about my acclimatization. My mobile handset is locked to Orange and they have so far been unable to give us the means to unlock it so I have been using the satellite phone occasionally but now someone has kindly leant me a phone to use with my Chinese sim card so communication should be a bit easier from now on.

We are getting conflicting weather forecasts. We have to wait until the wind on the summit is less than 30mph. The next two days are either going to be dead calm or very windy, we are not sure which. We are not going up just yet - the earliest we could be on the summit looks like 24 th May.