Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5th April Tuesday

Hi, It's George again, my parents published the last post.

I've just been treking the past 2 days. The flights have been pretty intense as well. We flew of to Lukla in the Himilayan foothills the day after we arived in Kathmandu. This meant we had to get up at 4 in the morning. The plane flight was fun because there was a lot of turbulance making it slightly dangerous but fun. After landing we had some tea then walked for a couple of hourse. We had lunch in another tea house then walked on the tea house were we were staying, we were there by 12:00 which was good. After than we sat around or went to sleep until 6:30.

The day after we moved up further to Namche Bazaar which was is a small town. The walk up here was harder than yesterday but ok. We didn't have to much problem, unfortunately I've picked up a stomache bug or something becaue i'm now slightly ill. I think now i'm starting to recover but it was still pretty unpleasant. The town is quite amazing. It's all built out of the rock around here and it's built around this valley. The street r very confusing but their interesting because they're all cobelled.

We're goint up higher tomorrow but tomorrow shouldn't be as hard as it was today which is good.