Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July Friday 2011

I've just been away climbing for a week. I went to the Chamonix Valley to climb Mont Blanc. This is the highest mountain in France and all of Western Europe. It was quite a tough climb but it didn’t compare to Everest but it was still a worthy achievement for me and my team.

This was also the first mountain that I climbed with my father since I was 14. Unfortunately he was unable to get to the summit. I will be going back in about a week or so to do some rock climbing, should be fun, can’t wait.

When I got back to the UK, I found a dvd that Blue peter sent me. I did a bit for them and I raced Andy up a climbing wall at mile end. I haven’t seen it yet but it was a fun day. They actually gave me a gold blue peter badge. I was really please when I got it because never thought that I would get anything. Now I can get into loads of places free in the UK.

I also found the clothes that Stone Monkey had given me for doing Everest. So far I’ve enjoyed wearing the clothes and the cap.