Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7th June tuesday 2011

I've been back in the UK since Friday Evening, It feels really good to be back home. I have to be careful that I don't become lazy because I haven't really done much since returning, It's been good though.

I have however been doing some interviews and other media things. I was on BBC news and ITV news. I've also been giving interviews to people like crazy, It's been really good though.

I'm actually going to be on Newsround this thursday which will be an interesting experience.

Also Here's a picture of me on the summit.


  1. Hello George, Congratulations! I'm editor in chief of "Messaggero dei Ragazzi" an italian magazine for teenager. I would like to write about your amazing achievement in our magazine. Where we can founf some pictures Can you send us some photos (in high resolution) of you on the summit? Thank you very much.
    You contact me by email: redazione@meraweb.it.
    Best regards

  2. Hi George,

    I work with Scholastic News Online and we'd like to feature your story on our top news page. May we have permission to publish your photo?

    Thank you,
    Jessica Moon
    Sr. Visual Content Editor