Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25th May

taken from Zac's blog

The whole team (with the exception of Simon and Heather who are now both at ABC) today left Camp 2 (7,800m) to climb to Camp 3 (8,300m). With the exception of Jason who turned round and is now back at Camp 2, everyone is now successfully at Camp 3, although some members have found the day quite tough. Following the early summit attempts by most groups earlier this week the team have the mountain to themselves, and despite some snowfall this afternoon the sun returned in time to give a great sunset.

It is now dark and the team are brewing up ready to start their final push. The first members will leave Camp 3 at 21:00 (16:15 UK time) with Zac, Chris and the final Sherpas being the last to leave at 22:30 (17:45 UK time).

The next update will hopefully come from the second step after about six hours climbing time.

The weather is looking good winds are low, temperature estimated at a tropical -20C (normally colder), there is a chance of some snow but it's not believed to be too much to have any major impact on the summit attempt.

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