Saturday, April 30, 2011

30th April

I'm having a good time at basecamp. I have been a bit ill. Yesterday the guide though I had a urinary infection but it isn't and I'm fine.

I have a couple of days rest here before we move up to 7,500 meters in a few days time.


  1. Hey George,
    Glad to read that your doing well, and you've broken your altitude record - nice one!

    Don't worry about getting a bit ill, it's a long trip and as your working hard your bound to get ill at some point, most people do during a long expedition.

    Take it easy, enjoy the ipod at basecamp and make sure your strong for the next trip up the mountain.

    Good luck!
    Ben Bradford

  2. i havent been on the last few days so just saw that u might have had a urinary infection- i could have told you all about those, casue you learn all about them in dentistry. (casue urine and teeth are basically the same) lol anyway- hopefully your feeling a bit beter! i'll keep checking more regularly, well done so far, your brill!! jen xx