Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27th April

I managed to climb to the north col today. I did the whole walk in 6 hours 40 minutes which is very fast. The sherpas said I was very strong today so this is good news. I climbed with Sonam for the first time. He was really helpful on the way up. The walk was really good today. the fixed lines went over quite a few crevasses and under a few seracs. The trail seemed to wind up the face. North Col camp was really quite barren.  The  ridge doesn't  seem  that  long  but  I'm sure it will be when I climb it.

The team is generally fine although some are showing signs of altitude sickness.

I should have been able to get a good view of the summit from the top of the north col but unfortunately the weather was bad so I wasn't able to see it.

tomorrow I'm going back down to bc. 

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